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Outdoor Projector Enclosure

Waterproof outdoor projector Enclosure Free Shipping to USA, Australia and New Zealand !

DeerTV the leader in outdoor Outdoor projector enclosure, has thousands of indoor and outdoor units in service, in every imaginable climate across the world, which allow projection outdoors in cold, hot, wet or humid conditions. Project your projector hardware with the environmental. Weatherproof projector enclosure for any projector anywhere, indoor and outdoor enclosures, fan cooling, climate controlled, customized enclosures.

Outdoor projector enclosure are climate controlled cabinets which are wont to protect projectors once they are getting used in environments which might damage the hardware. These environments are outdoors thanks to weather factors, underground, indoor swimming pools. Video Mapping may be a highly sophisticated and highly impressive, sometimes breathtaking film production onto external walls and is becoming increasingly popular. Outdoor projector enclosure are often used as video mapping is usually outdoors. DeerTV may be a world leading designer and manufacturer of outside projector enclosure.

Outdoor projector enclosure by DeerTV , outdoor Projector enclosure technology is often utilized in prime china shopping areas. Hidden faraway from sight, the enclosures protect expensive projectors from damaging factors like weather. DeerTV enclosures were used for this amazing video which shows video mapping , DeerTV produce Outdoor projector enclosure for waterproof – the situation temperature is around -30c and shut to the ocean – both challenging environmental factors that DeerTV enclosures can handle by default, it had been contracted to style and install an outside projection system to render a special poem onto the traditional bridge across the Stour. DeerTV are delighted to style and manufacture a projector enclosure for one among USA hotels. The hotel is illuminated by a shocking projected display employing a DeerTV outdoor projector enclosure.

Outdoor projector enclosure for any Application decade of experience we put to figure for you and your project! Outdoor projector enclosure have given new applications to the projector industry for years. These enclosures are suitable for indoor/outdoor settings, humid fan cooled projector enclosure applications then more . Outdoor projector enclosure are installed in a number of the foremost extreme conditions. Our enclosures give the chance to place projection displays in almost any setting. this will be through with peace of mind, knowing your projector is clean, safe and secure.

Small outdoor projector enclosure Small outdoor projector enclosure
New Hot -49 %
Brand: Kinytech Model: DeerTV-PS
Small weatherproof outdoor projector enclosure specs. Maximum inside dimension for projector      Width 43.5, Depth 40, Height 15.5 cm Or ( Width 17.1, Depth 15.7, Height 6.1 inch ) Enclosure outside dimension     Width 48, Depth 43.5, Height 20 cm Or ( Width 18.9, Depth 17.1, Height 7.9 inch ) Weight: 7.5kg | 16.6lbsVoltage: 100~240VWorking Temperature: -40 ~65C ..
$509.0 $1,000.0
Medium outdoor projector enclosure Medium outdoor projector enclosure
New Hot -53 %
Brand: Kinytech Model: DeerTV-PM
 Medium weatherproof outdoor projector enclosure specs. Maximum inside dimension for projector     Width 46.5, Depth 55.5, Height 17.5 cm Or ( Width 18.3, Depth 21.9, Height 6.9 inch ) Enclosure outside dimension     Width 51, Depth 59.5, Height 22 cm Or ( Width 20.1, Depth 23.5, Height 8.7 inch ) Weight: 10.5kg | 23.1lbsVoltage: 100~240VWorking Temperature: -40 to 65C / ( -..
$699.0 $1,500.0
Large outdoor projector enclosure Large outdoor projector enclosure
New Hot -51 %
Brand: Kinytech Model: DeerTV-PL
 Large weatherproof projector enclosure specs. Maximum inside dimension for projector     Width 60, Depth 62, Height 22 cm / ( Width 23.6, Depth 24.4, Height 8.66 inch ) Enclosure outside dimension     Width 66, Depth 67.5, Height 26 cm / ( Width 26.0, Depth 26.6, Height 10.2 inch ) Weight: 15kg / 33lbsVoltage: 100~240VWorking Temperature: -40 to 65C / ( -40 to 149F )With the thermosta..
$979.0 $2,000.0
Custom DIY outdoor projector enclosure Custom DIY outdoor projector enclosure
New -68 %
Brand: Kinytech Model: DeerTV-PC
If our current projector enclosure can not meet your requirements. Please contact us get the custom enclosure service.How do i build a weatherproof, dust proof video projector enclosure for outdoor projector?  You can make a DIY outdoor waterproof projector for your home by using the deertv enclosure. Here are instructions on making a DIY waterproof movie projector by steel! if the DIY waterproof projector enclosure will not be ideal, you al..
$288.0 $888.0
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