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A1. How to install the outdoor TV enclosure?

Please according to the installation Assistance, should you have more questions, please email us.

Outdoor TV Enclosure Installation Manual

Prepare Tools.
 Phillips screwdriver
 Hexagon screwdriver
If you need to install glass, please also prepare below tools
 scissors and utility knife
 silicone sealant (glass glue).

Install front glass / acrylic.
Install TV....
For more details, please download the pdf manual.
outdoor TV enclosure installation manual.


B. How to install the the outdoor projector enclosure?

1. Open the front door, you can find a spare parts bag which includes 1 x waterproof cover, 1 x power supply, 1 x EUR cable, 1 x USA cable, 2 x Keys and some screws.
2. Connect the power supply to cooling system 12V DC-IN.
3. Pass all cables through this hole and use the screws fix the waterproof cover.
4. Mount the projector enclosure By VESA Hole. ( You can use the top/bottom VESA)
5. Install the projector, adjust the position, lock the front door.

outdoor projector enclosure installation manual.