Ideal Use of the Weatherproof Outdoor TV Enclosure

It is very normal that people are against the outdoor IP rated TV to save some money. As if you go this way, you will find spending much money in the long run. Most of TVs' warranties are invalid if put them outside. However, DeerTV outdoor TV enclosure can assist you solve this problem because the enclosure is all weatherproof. It can protect your home TV from dust, rain, snow or bugs. What's more, it is cheaper than the outdoor rated TV.

Ideal Use of DeerTV Outdoor TV Enclosure

Outdoor areas of patios, restaurants, bars, hotels, stations or other outdoor locations need TV for music shows or sporting events

To protect LCD/LED displays in very dirt or dusty environments, manufacturing works, food - processing plants and more.

Outdoor digital advertisement

School real-time information and updates

Sports events schedules, real-time broadcast and updates

DeerTV weatherproof Outdoor TV Enclosure will offer you satisfied solution for your needs. Let's contact us for more details.