DeerTV range of enclosures (outdoor and indoor) that provide ultimate protection in TV in any environments. Most types of TVs are able to be used in these enclosures. Plasma, LCDs and even HD model TVs can be protected by using the enclosures.

Protection for TV Outdoors
The outdoor TV enclosure offers all types of protection needed to the outdoor screens. These enclosures are very strong which may provide adequate protection to the screens. Basically any flat panel TV/home TV can function as a outdoor TV by installing it within DeerTV protective enclosure, it can be protected 24/7 in virtually the environment at rain, heat, dust, smoke, insects,theft, vandalism!

Protection for TV Indoors
Protecting TV can also be necessary indoors for instance indoor sports places, sports bars, home , universities, hospitals where a DeerTV enclosure can protect the TV from damage, man - made/intentional destruction, or other accidents.

DeerTV enclosures have security lock system to guard the TV inside from destroy, vandalism or theft.

DeerTV enclosures have a thermostatically controlled fan cooling system to suit any climatic condition which may confirm the TV or display within the enclosure won't overheat. For cold places,the fan won't run when the temperature is under the setting points.

Our DeerTV customers choose our outdoor TV enclosure/cabinet due to low cost, durability, all weatherproof, safety and trustiness.