Choosing a Weatherproof TV Enclosure

Most people like to take a seat out on the courtyard with a cup of coffee or a cool drink. While we are there, many of us enjoy watching our favourite television shows or sports. But if you get the TV in and out of the house each time or maybe everyday, we do not think it's practical. Furthermore, it's very difficult for a TV installed outside during a prolonged period of harsh weather. But with the development of science and technology, DeerTV has a solution to satisfy your needs.

There are three options as below,
1. Buy and install a weatherproof outdoor TV like Sunbrite.
2. Put your flat screen TV into a water-proof and weatherproof enclosure like DeerTV outdoor TV enclosure.
3. Just install a home TV if the place has a protector.

If you've got a right place outside at your house to install a TV, this might be a good solution. But you have to consider the dust, humidity and insects which can get into the TV or perhaps make the TV stop working . So if you just need to spend a few hundred dollars for a outdoor TV enclosure which should be more practical than an outdoor TV every few years.

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