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About Us

DeerTV Outdoor TV Enclosure & Outdoor Projector Enclosure

DeerTV enclosure is made by KINYTECH company which was established in 2010, with the aim to develop and market specialty consumer outdoor TV & Projector projection enclosure for the USA and European markets.  We began having a thought that there was a need for top quality televisions created specifically for that residential marketplace to make it simple and easy , worry-free to position a TV outdoors and maximize viewing enjoyment. And we will still innovate and develop new and improved consumer television lines for various applications and locations with features that extend TV and protection enclosure enjoyment beyond the living room.

DeerTV has the impressive rating of 4.9 from more than 300ratings.

DeerTV is headquartered in south china where the weather conditions are always enticing us outside. Why not, we thought, make it possible for people to enjoy watching their most favorite sports or movies right in their very own backyard with no worry of harm in the elements? Forget the hassle of lugging your indoor TV outside for the big game and then hauling it back in when the party has ended. Never miss the large play again because you were outside obtaining a burger and also the only TV was inside.

98% satisfaction rate within our more than 6,000 customers.

DeerTV introduced the thinnest outdoor TV enclosure of any brand available on the market. We are the very first brand to focus on the residential home outside, incorporating consumer features. We are the first to offer a backyard decor pleasing color. And we are the first brand to use LED panels exclusively to lessen power consumption. Very good for just starting out!

DeerTV outdoor enclosures are just the beginning in our vision to become the premier specialty consumer TV/Projector company. So, proceed, get outside watching TV and do not be worried about the elements, or your warranty.The DeerTV management team is made up of experienced electronic devices industry professionals in marketing, product, and purchasers. There exists a passion for bringing innovative and useful consumer products to market. Our collective backgrounds include managing successful retail sales forces, nationwide distributor networks, product design and development, strategy, planning, and consumer marketing. The DeerTV team brings proven management styles from past executive positions at state of the companies such as SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, TCL others. From start ups to established brands, our team’s experience brings a very credible track record to DeerTV.